Februar 2023

Unlock $300B+ with sBTC: Stacks Releases Two Whitepapers

• Stacks blockchain released two whitepapers today which advanced its aim of making Bitcoin a more programmable smart contract hub. • The price of STX, the native token of the Stacks blockchain, has risen by more than 143% over the past week. • The releases introduced sBTC that will act as a trustless two-way Bitcoin peg to allow for the swift transfer of assets to and from the Bitcoin blockchain.

Fantom (FTM) Price Rebounding Ahead of US Inflation Data

• Fantom (FTM) price made a small comeback on Tuesday as investors waited for the upcoming American consumer inflation data. • Economists expect the data to show that the country’s inflation inched downwards in January as goods prices retreated. • The developers are also working to rebuild the network and launch a stablecoin known as fUSD that will power its ecosystem. Fantom (FTM) Price Rebound Ahead of US Inflation Data

Crypto Ban: Charlie Munger Urges US to Follow China's Example

Charlie Munger’s Stance on Cryptocurrencies Berkshire Hathaway Vice Chairman Charlie Munger has long been against cryptocurrencies, and recently reiterated his view in a Wall Street Journal op-ed. Munger believes that cryptocurrencies have no real value as they are intangible and unproductive. He praised China for its ban on crypto-related services and urged the U.S. to follow its example. Charlie Munger Wants U.S. To Ban Cryptocurrencies Cryptocurrencies have had an impressive