Januar 2023

Yield App Acquires Trofi Group, Bridges Gap Between Traditional Finance and Crypto

• Yield App, a digital wealth platform, has acquired Trofi Group, a platform that offers structured solutions for cryptocurrencies. • The acquisition brings four new structured products to the Yiled App product suite. • Yield App CEO, Tim Frost, said that the acquisition establishes Yield App as a pioneer within the crypto-structured products arena, making them one of only a few platforms to bridge the gap between traditional finance and

Former FTX.US President Raises $5M for Crypto Trading Project Architect

• Former FTX.US president Brett Harrison has raised $5 million in a seed round funding for his new crypto project for institutional investors. • Investors who backed the project include Coinbase Ventures, Circle Ventures, SV Angel, SALT Fund, Third King Venture Capital, Motivate Venture Capital and SkyBridge Capital’s Antony Scaramucci. • Architect is building new institutional-grade trading technology to make the crypto markets more streamlined. Brett Harrison, the former FTX.US

Make Money Playing Fun NFT Games: The Powerful Emergence of Play to Earn

• The Play to Earn model became the starting point in the development of NFT gaming and created a sustainable concept – NFT games are not for fun, but for making money. • A new branch of industry is emerging that emphasizes engagement and emotions in games, combined with the best traditions of WEB 2.0 games, and the use of NFTs. • NFT space continues to battle user attraction and