Dezember 2020

Scammer who created fake lottery with bitcoin can get 40 years in prison

Man said to sell winning lottery tickets and payment should be made in Bitcoin A man in the United States was accused of stealing $630,000 from victims of fake romance and fake lottery winnings. According to a U.S. justice press release, Austin Nedvedo admitted that he was leading the scam that converted the victims‘ money into Bitcoin. The scammer attracted victims with promises of lottery Bitcoin Victory winnings. To win

Bitcoin trafia $25,000 Ustawienie nowego, wszechobecnego haju

Bitcoin hodlers nadal mają bardzo wesołych świąt Bożego Narodzenia jak BTC trafia 25.000 dolarów. To zależy od twojej strefy czasowej – chociaż Bitcoin trafił 25.000 dolarów, kiedy w USA był jeszcze 25 grudnia, to w rzeczywistości był to 26 grudnia, kiedy azjatyckie byki (które najwyraźniej to zrobiły) ustanowiły nowy historyczny rekord dla kryptokursztynu. Kamień milowy nastąpił o 3:00 rano UTC, w środku gorączkowego dnia handlowego w Azji, 26 grudnia. Bitcoin

Investment giant Jefferies gives up a little gold for Bitcoin - To war as to war!

The fashion is for Bitcoin among VIPs – Bitcoin seems to have caught the interest of billionaires and investment fund managers lately. Fund manager Christopher Wood is even going so far as to liquidate some of his precious gold to invest in the king of cryptomoney. So what happened? Exchange of gold bars for Bitcoins „The current 50% allocation to physical gold bullion in our portfolio will be reduced, for

'Bitcoin family' profits from BTC brand and its latest rally

The famous Bitcoin Family is in Portugal, enjoying the sun and the profits from the latest BTC rally. Didi Taihuttu also takes advantage of other activities, such as an exclusive trading indicator. He thinks BTC will likely be at $ 60,000 or $ 100,000 by next year It’s been about four years since the famous “Bitcoin Family” has been all over the alpha cryptocurrency. That said, it’s not just the